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[LANG_en]A pallet to Milan next day? Or an IBC to Barcelona? It has to be there quickly.[/LANG_en][LANG_it]Una paletta a Milano il giorno dopo? O un IBC a Barcellona? Parliamo di una spedizione che assume la massima urgenza![/LANG_it]

[LANG_en]It is surprising how many times we are posed these questions, and how many times we come to the rescue.[/LANG_en][LANG_it]E’ sorprendente quante volte ci viene posta questa domanda e quante volte ci si adopera per poter eseguire con successo tali trasporti.[/LANG_it]

[LANG_en]When scheduled departures simply aren’t fast enough, from a small van to a double-manned trailer, we can provide effective solutions to deliver within tight time-frames to keep your industry moving.[/LANG_en][LANG_it]Quando le partenze già programmate non sono sufficientemente veloci per soddisfare spedizioni molto urgenti ci si attrezza con un piccolo furgone o un camion con doppio autista e così facendo siamo in grado di fornire soluzioni efficaci per consegnare la merce entro il termine richiesto.[/LANG_it]

[LANG_en]Express dedicated freight services are operated across all of our European services, from anywhere to anywhere, including our core markets of Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, and our general forwarding markets throughout Western, Eastern and Central Europe.[/LANG_en][LANG_it]Forniamo servizi di trasporto dedicato espresso verso tutti i paesi europei, occidentali orientali e centrali, da e per qualsiasi località, compresi ovviamente i nostri mercati principali e cioè Italia, Spagna , Portogallo e Grecia.[/LANG_it]

[LANG_en]So next time you need to send an urgent freight shipment to Europe, give us call.[/LANG_en][LANG_it]Pertanto alla prima occasione che vi capita una spedizione per l’Europa con queste caratteristiche di urgenza, chiamateci.[/LANG_it]

The aim of Ital Logistics is to provide a quality, reliable and personalised service with openness, honesty and integrity and to always perform to the very best of our abilities.

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Two back of the net shots

I would like to say that your team put up with a great deal of time wasting nonsense during their work, and handle it very well indeed for us 99.99% of the time and still deliver. That makes you and your team ‘AAA’ to me and I am very grateful that you all pulled the stops out to do what you did when it mattered, and I know you still had your day to complete on top of that. It’s good to know that when you are a point down, you find a way to still win the game in the last 3 minutes and produce two back of the net shots in a row. Today did that for me and my customer. Many thanks.

Paul Casebourne Engineered solutions

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