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There are times when moving something from A to B may mean neither A nor B is in the UK. Acutely aware of the potential cost savings in transporting direct, as such services are not freely advertised, it is often a case of ‘Who do we ask?’

Making use of our core partners’ key services, we are able to offer cross trades throughout the length and breadth of Europe. And if our partners do not have their own direct services, as sure as eggs is eggs, between us we will find a solution.

The aim of Ital Logistics is to provide a quality, reliable and personalised service with openness, honesty and integrity and to always perform to the very best of our abilities.

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Nothing but praise

Since moving to using your company in our Plastics business we have nothing but praise for you both. There are times when you have gone out of your way to assist us above the call of duty and this has been very much appreciated. You keep us informed every step of the way regarding shipments whereas we have dealt with companies who lack in communication. You are both so pleasant and helpful and it is a joy working with you.

We have no problem in recommending you to our associate companies/suppliers/customers and wish you good luck for continued success and growth.

Shirley PTI Plastics Limited

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