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During January 2010 we entered into partnership with MZ Logistic, enhancing our export and import services to Madrid and the surrounding areas to twice-weekly. Being able to offer fast distribution from a centrally located depot to key commercial areas such as Toledo, Ciudad Real, Avila, Guadalajara and Segovia, within 24 hours of arrival, has proven instrumental in building our Iberian services to the levels they are today.

Of all our Spanish ventures, Madrid has been one of the most difficult to develop. Price is the most important factor amongst Madrilenians, as they argue quite emphatically over every single cent! This, coupled with the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008, has been a major obstacle. To provide and maintain high levels of service on a budget presents inconsistency of service, something which most certainly is not part of Ital Logistics’ mantra.

Half a decade on, our determination has paid off. Without compromising on service, and never becoming complacent, we now load between 6 and 10 trailers each week to and from Madrid & Central Spain.

  • We offer a twice-weekly export and import service to and from Madrid, departing every Tuesday & Friday
  • Dangerous Goods capabilities on all trailers
  • Transit time is 3 days between depots

In addition to the above, Madrid is also our transit hub for freight to Ceuta & Melilla, Spanish outposts on the North African coastline. Our services to and from Spain really are complete, and we truly believe that there isn’t a place with a Spanish post code that we can’t get to. Feel free to challenge us!

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The aim of Ital Logistics is to provide a quality, reliable and personalised service with openness, honesty and integrity and to always perform to the very best of our abilities.

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