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Porto, or Oporto as often referred, is the second most populous city in Portugal and probably best known for its fortified wine – Vinho do Porto, or rather ‘Port’ as most commonly so called. An abstract fact regarding Porto’s wine production is that the Douro region is the third oldest protected wine region in the world, Chianti, in Italy, being the oldest, established in 1716.

Port wine aside, Porto (or Oporto) is an important area for trade to and from the UK, and our first Portuguese partner (since closed) was based in Porto back in 2002/3. However, following their closure, with our hands slightly burned, we left Portugal alone for a while to maintain our focus on Italy. It was some years later, during 2009, when the real start to our service came as a result of building new relationships with several good international hauliers and local distribution companies.

If you arrived at this page via our main Portugal page, you will have read that, of our core services, Portugal is the only country where we have found it difficult to find a commercial partner who really understands our values and business ethics. However, this difficulty has certainly not disadvantaged our service, in fact possibly to the contrary, as it has, and still does, provide us with a greater flexibility to manage the route into Portugal depending on the location, commodity, and size of shipment.

  • We provide a twice-weekly export and import service to and from Porto and the North of Portugal, departing every Tuesday and Friday
  • Either direct on trailer, or via one of our local companies, we make deliveries and collections to and from Braga, Giumares, Aveiro, Coimbra to name a few, and also quite often back-deliver up to North West Spain
  • Transit time to most areas of Northern Portugal are circa 4 days
  • As with all of our services, the carriage of dangerous goods is made available on most departures

Not usually agreeing with gimmickry, if you have any imports from the Porto area between 5 and 20 tons, James has put his neck on the block and challenges you to find a cheaper quote. If you do, he will personally pay for a case of Superbock lager!

But back to the subject of Port, staying with gimmickry, if anyone out there has a bottle of 1927 Vintage Port they would like to share with me, I’ll throw a 5 ton shipment in for free!

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