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Consistent with our Spanish, Italian & Greek services, our road freight services are not just confined to their respective mainland. In fact, one would be surprised at how much business is actually transported to the islands of these countries, and we are pleased to offer regular twice-weekly services to Madeira and the other Portuguese outposts of the Azores.

Most of our consignments reach Madeira via Lisbon where goods are generally containerised for onward crossing to Madeira. From there, crossing are available to the lesser island of Porto Santo. The Azores, predominantly Sao Miguel & Terceira are also reached from Lisbon.

There are very few Portuguese forwarding companies who operate dangerous goods services to these islands which. As with all of our services, we have the capabilities to transport dangerous goods (almost) anywhere, and everywhere (within geographical reason, that is!).

  • Our freight services to Madeira & the Azores are via our Lisbon service. We feed cargo into Lisbon on a twice-weekly basis leaving the UK every Tuesday and Friday with a transit time of 4 days
  • From Lisbon to Madeira the service is twice-weekly, departing every Tuesday and Friday with a transit time of 5 days
  • From Lisbon to the Azores, the service is weekly every Friday, closing for bookings the day before. Transit time is between 5-6 days
  • Dangerous goods can be transported on all crossing, and temperature-controlled transport is also possible. However, for temperature-controlled transport to both Madeira & the Azores, bookings must be made early, and generally must be accumulated into full loads

Whilst the service levels above are the norm, they can vary immensely, primarily due to seasonal demand and the access infrastructure (or rather lack of) of these beautiful and remote islands. For all shipments you should check closely with our Iberian department as service levels change seasonally.

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