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Often asked – “Direct service to Faro? Are you sure?” Well yes we are. The volume of Southern Iberian cargo which we move has increased substantially. The proximity of Portugal, stretching north to south on Spain’s western side, allows us two routes in.

For smaller groupage consignments to Faro, the ‘conventional’ route is via Lisbon for onward distribution, whilst for larger consignments we can approach Faro from the east, via Seville and Huelva. The direct service to Faro by the latter route helps to reduce transit times, whilst also keeping costs down enabling us to provide more competitive rates.

From Faro we can also service the rest of the southern coastline; places such as Albufeira, Portimao and Lagos, for example.

  • Our export and import services to and from Faro are twice-weekly, departing every Tuesday and Friday in each direction
  • Transit times vary between 5 and 7 days depending on the departure day and the route taken
  • Whilst not so common for the area, dangerous goods can be transported on this route, although this required strategic planning in consideration of the large quantity of food related cargoes

And talking of food…oranges, oranges, and more oranges…

If you have visited the Algarve on holiday you would surely have noticed the roadside sellers. Many of the farmers in this area sell their produce to the UK supermarkets – oranges don’t just come from Seville!

Many a driver has also brought along cases of oranges for our warehouse chaps to promote quicker loading. If only they had brought beer! But nevertheless, grand gesture and greatly appreciated.

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