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A major port of the Mediterannean, Marseille is the second largest city of France. It’s also ‘a little out of the way’. I say that, because when you reach Avignon, you can take a right and carry on into Spain. You have to turn left at Avignon to reach Marseille, whereupon you reach a dead end. or start to swim.

So that’s why we presently only guarantee departures every Friday, even though we do, more often than not, provide services also on a Tuesday. Loading on a Friday we can reach Marseille late on a Monday, worst case by Tuesday morning. This means that where we often load cargo for Southern France on our Iberian trailers, we have to ensure that trailers end at Marseille, or at worst, any cargo still remaining on trailer is not quite as time sensitive as other cargo.

But now, with our new venture into France, and with our new partner, it is our aim to develop this South-Eastern corner of France in it’s own right.

  • Our service to Marseille and the surrounding regions from Montpellier along the Southern coast to Cannes and Nice is direct every Friday, supplemented with combined indirect departures every Tuesday
  • Transit times are around 48 hours from our Manchester terminal to the Marseille region
  • Dangerous goods capabilities are available on almost every trailer, in addition to Temperature-Controlled services

Previously we used to serve Corsica via Marseille, as, being the port which serves Corsica, many companies consolidate from there on a weekly basis. However, our partners Fatton Transports consolidate at their Lyon headquarters on a daily basis which means we can offer an advantage over our competitors. Follow the road to Lyon on the right hand side of this page…

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