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As you may have read on the Bordeaux and Toulouse pages, the route from France into Spain (and then on to Portugal) on the Western side of the Pyrenees mountains takes you through Bayonne, and onto Irun on the Spanish side.

Whilst a frequent ‘last drop’ before entering Northern Spain to load back to the UK, more often than not it is a frequent ‘first delivery’ before entering Spain. Although not that much further South than Bordeaux, treating shipments in this way mean that we can deliver faster than many French companies whose hub may be in Paris or central France.

  • Our service to Bayonne and the surrounding regions of Pau, Orthez and Lourdes is twice weekly, every Tuesday and Friday
  • Transit times are around 48 hours from our Manchester terminal to the Bayonne region
  • Dangerous goods capabilities are available on almost every trailer, and Temperature-Controlled services, in particular every Friday, are also available as many such trailers which we load are Spanish refrigerated vehicles returning to their homeland

A key factor in all of our services is the ability to ‘mix and match’ our services. France, Spain and Portugal are all intertwined in some way or other, as are our Italian and Greek services. For example, utilising available space on Iberian trailers with en route French cargo means that vehicles can get on their way without having to wait to be completed with Iberian cargo. Producing full groupage trailers to each and every area of each country, with consistent frequency, is an ideal that is, honestly speaking, unachievable. And any who say they do are in the majority creating myths.

Coordination, communication, and the ability to make something out of nothing is where we feel we can stand up against the mightiest of our competitors.

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