Kurtis Rees

Italian Import Manager
kurtis.rees@ital-logistics.com 01706 248 009

One of our longest serving colleagues and one of the most important, Kurtis joined the company in February 2003, and then took a fortnight off! Well, he was getting married, so I suppose we can let that one go! Kurtis heads off the Italian Import department with support from Steve and Peter. Between them they manage close on 20 trailers per week inbound. Kurtis has great ability in bringing everything together, and from nothing can make something. In addition, he takes overall responsibility for the Italian routes having earned his position within the Company due to his irrepressible commitment, even under the most strenuous of circumstances. He is an asset to the Company and greatly respected by all.

Away from the office he is a devoted family man, who holds his heart on his sleeve. Hats off to Kurtis. He follows Man United by the way.