Dianne Denton-Morley

Director, UK Purchase ledger
dianne@ital-logistics.com 01706 248 004

My wife, Dianne, became involved in the Company fairly soon after inception, beforehand working within both the NHS and the education sector. Initially handling all of the accounts, as we have increased our business, the need to increase the size of the accounts department has since segmented the work. Dianne now takes charge of the UK Purchase Ledger, UK Contra’s and Payroll making sure that everyone gets paid on time, us included! Dianne is a Director and 50% shareholder if the Company.

Dianne is happiest with the fresh air of the outdoors, enjoying walking through the countryside with our Cavalier King Charles. Outside of the office, and managing our home, she also volunteers at the local RSPCA as a home visitor. A lot of people, me included, would be lost without her.