Derek Heap

DGSA, General Manager 01706 248 018

Derek joined our Italian export team in October 2005, and shortly afterwards took the lead export role for Italy. Having focused on Italy with his previous employer, the transition to Ital Logistics was relatively easy. As our niche specialisation on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods grew, the need for a second DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) arose so that we always had at least one DGSA on site. Derek’s attention to detail was affirmation that he would be the man for this, and in 2008 he qualified as DGSA

On the run up to our move to new premises in December 2014, Derek became responsible for the Health & Safety aspects of the Company and the management of the warehouse at our new location. His contribution has provided great assistance to me, and he has earned his new role of General Manager, responsible for the administrative running of the Company.

A supporter of Stockport County FC (there are still a few out there), he is nicknamed ‘The Cat’ and ‘The Riddler’. The former as he plays in goal for the Ital Logistics football team, and the latter as you rarely get a straight answer out of him!