Since our introduction to the Portuguese market in 2009, our business with Portugal has quietly increased. Offering a minimum of twice-weekly road freight groupage services to and from the primary areas of Oporto and Lisbon, we can carry part load, full load, and express consignments, including the ability to carry dangerous goods on most departures, fully in accordance with ADR and IMDG regulations.

Although twice-weekly, we are loading upwards of 4 groupage trailers each week, plus full loads. Using the Portsmouth to Santander ferry as a frequent option, this enables us to arrive at destination a day ahead of many of our competitors, providing a level of assurance to our clients, and ensuring that any delivery deadlines will be met.

As Iberian specialists, whether it be a box to Faro, a couple of pallets of paint to Sintra, or a part load of dangerous goods packed in IBCs to the Algarve, we are able to cater for our client’s needs, whatever they may be. From the north of Portugal we are also able to deliver freight to the north west regions of Spain such as La Coruna, Pontevedra, Vigo and Porrino to name a few.

Our Partners in Portugal

Of our core services, Portugal is the only country where we have found it difficult to find a commercial partner who understands our values and can match our exacting requirements. Over the years we have worked quietly with several different companies at different periods of our involvement with this market. This has not disadvantaged our service, in fact probably the contrary, as it has, and still does, provide us with a greater flexibility to manage the route into Portugal depending on the location, commodity, and size of shipment.

We are presently in the early stages of collaboration with two companies; one in Oporto and one in Lisbon. The former is Bergareche Ruiz, who has recently become part of the Moldtrans Group (who are also our partner in Valencia), and the latter being SDV.

Notwithstanding these new found relationships, utilising the distribution services of some of our international hauliers, located at several points from North of Porto, through central Portugal at Coimbra and Nazare, to south of Lisbon, we are able to provide a more flexible and competitive solution, giving access to all trailer types, including ADR as well as temperature controlled.


 I need to move freight…

I need to move freight…

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Proactive, flexible & transparent

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Dangerous Goods

At Ital Logistics we take the matter of transporting goods which are hazardous very seriously indeed, and do our utmost to ensure that they are carried in compliance with the rules of ADR & IMDG. Around 25% of our total business is made up of the transport of dangerous goods. Many companies shy away from […]