The Greek Islands

Greece has an extremely large number of Islands, according to Wikipedia between 166 and 227 are inhabited. But for me, it’s all Greek, and I wouldn’t (personally) know one if I fell over it! Apart from Sardinia, the only other Island I have visited is Alderney (Channel Islands) where the total community fits in the stalls of the MEN Arena!

But on a more serious note, they have a Greek post code. As such, through our partners in Greece, we are able to provide regular transport services to the majority of the main islands including Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Kos, to name but a few.

  • From Manchester and our Southern depot we provide departures every Tuesday and Friday to Athens and Thessaloniki where on-carriage is arrange by our partner.
  • During the summer months transit time for the main islands is around 2 days for normal cargoes, occasionally a little longer for dangerous goods subject to IMDG regulations as a lot of cargo to the islands is made up of foodstuffs and other consumables so segregation is a key factor.
  • Transit times in winter months suffer slightly as departures are a little less frequent. Nevertheless, we provide an all year round service for cargoes of all types.

With many of the islands there are restrictions on vehicle size. Additionally, many of the companies on these islands have little or no unloading facilities. It is therefore advisable to check carefully with your Greek client/supplier, and also with ourselves so we can verify with our partners.

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 I need to move freight…

I need to move freight…

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