As a BIFA member, we are required to ensure that a minimum level of insurance is in place. There are, as with any type of insurance policy, certain exclusions. A summary of all our insurance policies can be found here.


For UK movements, maritime or air shipments, our cover is limited to BIFA, whilst for international road freight movements this increases to CMR. Adherence to these terms aims to protect all parties in the transport chain; from shipper, carrier, agent, to consignee.

The liabilities are as follows:

  • BIFA 2.00 SDR’s per kilo
  • CMR 8.33 SDR’s per kilo

The rate of exchange for the SDR (Special Drawing Right) is governed by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and you may check current rates by visiting

All risks

Regulations imposed by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in February 2005 meant that freight forwarders were no longer able to insure their clients’ cargo under ‘All Risks’ policies. However, during July 2007, the Insurance Mediation Directive Exemption for freight forwarders came into force. This means that we are now able to offer ‘All Risks’ Insurance to our commercial clients, although not for personal movements.

For commercial movements, please contact us for a quotation.

For personal movements, we suggest that you contact your household insurers.


There are several conditions and types of goods which are not covered by our Freight Forwarder’s Liability Insurance, or to which our liability is further limited. These can be identified in the copy of our policy Freight liability insurance, and are also mentioned in our company specific terms.

In all cases, but specifically for the excluded items listed above, we recommend that you take your own insurance cover in the unlikely event of damages or losses to your cargo.




Proactive, flexible & transparent

ITAL logistics support our business through European Outbound and Reverse Logistics to support a number of our clients, especially on multiple palletised loads and also non standard palletised consignments. There have also been times where we have asked them to respond to short lead times for important collections of engineering palletised consignments, with a recent […]

Dangerous Goods

At Ital Logistics we take the matter of transporting goods which are hazardous very seriously indeed, and do our utmost to ensure that they are carried in compliance with the rules of ADR & IMDG. Around 25% of our total business is made up of the transport of dangerous goods. Many companies shy away from […]