We transport thousands of shipments each year. As such, with the best will in the world, some claims for damages and the like are inevitable. Thankfully they are not so frequent, but nevertheless, procedures need to be in place to deal with these in a professional manner with the minimum of fuss.

In our section on insurance, the level of liability is indicated depending on the type of movement. These liabilities are governed by statute, and may not fully cover the full cost of your cargo. We strongly recommend that All Risks insurance is taken out to safeguard any potential differential that may arise. Notwithstanding this, claims can often be complex, and insurers may invoke defences that may not be common knowledge, especially when recited from such documents as, for example, CMR which was written in 1957 to lay down contractual procedures for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

Claims are subject to time restraints, so should you find that you may need to make a claim it should be done so as quickly as possible. Different modes of transport have slightly different time bars, and there are certain things that you should do as soon as possible, if not even immediately.

If you need to make a claim

  1. Make a reservation on the delivery note
  2. Take pictures of the packages, the cargo, and the vehicle/trailer/container
  3. Advise your contact at Ital Logistics in writing that you may need to make a claim
  4. On receipt of the above, we will issue you with a claim Form and a letter for further explanation
  5. Notify your insurance company
  6. Engage a surveyor if necessary
  7. Mitigate cargo loss
  8. Collate documentation as requested in the claim form
  9. Submit a quantified claim
  10. Protect against time bar

We hope that you have never needed to read this page, but if you have had to, rest assured that we shall do our utmost to process your claim as swiftly as possible. Please remember that you must still pay the freight invoice in line with agreed payment terms. Claims should not be offset against freight charges. In settlements, any freight charges may be refunded on a prorated basis proportionate to the quantity of damaged cargo.




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