Classes & Segregation Rules for Dangerous Goods

ADR (Road) is less stringent that IMDG (Sea) in respect of segregation of different classes and so under ADR there are fewer segregation requirements than under IMDG. It should be noted that there are some cases where chemicals of the same class cannot be loaded together (under IMDG in particular), so care should be taken, and the tables should be used as a general guideline only.

The segregation tables can be downloaded here.




Proactive, flexible & transparent

ITAL logistics support our business through European Outbound and Reverse Logistics to support a number of our clients, especially on multiple palletised loads and also non standard palletised consignments. There have also been times where we have asked them to respond to short lead times for important collections of engineering palletised consignments, with a recent […]

Dangerous Goods

At Ital Logistics we take the matter of transporting goods which are hazardous very seriously indeed, and do our utmost to ensure that they are carried in compliance with the rules of ADR & IMDG. Around 25% of our total business is made up of the transport of dangerous goods. Many companies shy away from […]