Cristian De Simone

Italian Exports
Traffico UK/Italia 01706 248 010

[LANG_en]As you’d expect by his name, Cristian has Italian blood in his veins. Living in Milan for many years of his adult life he has worked with British Airways as a booking operator where he gained knowledge in dangerous goods and security, followed by several years at other air freight forwarding companies. He studied English just around the corner at Bury College, and after a period of discontent at his prospects in Milan, he has returned to Bury this year. As well as Italian and English, he also speaks Spanish, having learned this whilst spending a year in Tenerife in between jobs in Milan.

He enjoys travelling and visiting new places, reading books and enjoys dining out. As for his sporting interests, aside of football (Inter Milan supporter), he also enjoys boxing.[/LANG-en]

Dangerous Goods

At Ital Logistics we take the matter of transporting goods which are hazardous very seriously indeed, and do our utmost to ensure that they are carried in compliance with the rules of ADR & IMDG. Around 25% of our total business is made up of the transport of dangerous goods. Many companies shy away from […]